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5 Myths About Fashion Everyone Should Know

Staying fashionable is a pursuit that never ends, and that’s a good thing. Keeping up with new seasonal styles that accentuate the best parts of your personality is one of the most exciting forms of the fashion world (we think so anyway!). In order to have a well-stocked wardrobe of apparel that makes you feel and think like the best version of yourself, you need to do some research, and you need to shop around.


But sometimes in the seemingly endless potential for style, it’s easy to get lost in fast-fading fashion fads, or simply spending your money in places that don’t give you the greatest value for money.


This 7 point list will go into some of the most pervasive fashion myths to look out for, as blindly believing them might actually hurt your pocket and take the fun out of looking good (if that could ever happen!).


  1. Double Denim is a disgrace.


As fashion trends change often, so does the definition of what is ‘cool to hate.’ Double denim went through this gauntlet for some time. Double denim was considered the one golden rule that no one should cross, despite the fact that it has been a look since denim was even invented.


Thanks to the latest fashion trend that puts a modern slant on retro clothing, denim is now back and better than ever. Rock your modern chic with DD next time you’re out, and wait for the compliments you’ll receive for being bold and stylish. Match a light denim jacket with jeans and a white undershirt with your chosen accessories and watch the praise pour in.


  1. You need to empty your purse to look good.


High street stores are no longer ‘the’ place to shop and be fashionable anymore. Thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever to source both vintage and modern trendy apparel. Apps such a depop and online auction houses like eBay are the best places to look for that hard to find the accessory you’ve sought after for so long, and what’s best, the prices are competitive.


Asking for the best price in a high street retailer would be something worthy of mocking laughter, but online, it is the default mode of doing things. You needn’t drop a fat stack of cash to look good anymore. Sometimes looking good can be as simple as using Target coupons from Coupon Sherpa.


  1. You need the best figure to look great.


Attitudes are changing quickly in response to the ‘photoshopped models’ phenomena that’s now easy to see through. We’ve started to realise as a society that no matter your shape, you can look beautiful if you tastefully adorn yourself with well-fitting and fashionable clothes.


This doesn’t mean that getting in shape is something to be avoided, it can definitely help your confidence levels and mojo whilst rocking your latest purchases. Being healthy should be fashionable in itself. But more and more these days accepting who you are is just as sexy as having a size 8 waist.


  1. Trends are worthless.


There are those who would tell you to avoid fashion trends altogether, and stick to classics that are tried and true. This is incorrect. Trends are there for a reason, and it’s not just to separate you with your money. Life is seasonal, and time progresses. Staying on the cutting edge helps you feel part of the era you’re in, and allows you to feel like you’re up-to-date with those around you. If you have a preference for a certain era, feel free to wear that predominantly, but don’t be afraid of incorporating a trend now and then. It might stimulate fresh ideas in how you’d like to dress for the future.


  1. You need to wear high heels to look sexy.


This is the resoundingly false. While high heels can accentuate your curves and make you look taller, they’re not a requirement. If you’re into clubbing for example, would you rather look sexy or be able to walk after a couple of hours? High heels are amazing pieces of design and can take an outfit to the next level, but don’t force yourself to wear them if you’re not a fan. Looking and being sexy is something more spiritual and individual in the first place, so prioritize that and you’ll be fighting off prospective love interests much more than you would thanks to a pair of shoes.


What this list has tried to get at is that looking and feeling your best self is something internal, and fashion lets us get there. Adorning ourselves with beautiful garments is amazing and can stimulate your personality in ways you never thought possible.


Bringing a joyous personality to the robes pay them the respect they deserve and can help you turn heads wherever you go. As long as you pay attention to the fashion basics and wear clothing that fits you, your career in style will never lose its bounty.


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  1. Jasmine Hewitt

    May 1, 2017 at 4:20 am

    so agree about DD! I can remember avoiding it, and also taking the risk when it was taboo, and I do admit, i love the look

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