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Thin Hair, Do Care

Taking a browse through any new hairstyle ideas can be an unpleasant experience. On one hand, you see the delightful ‘dos that are making their way from catwalks and red carpets to a mall near you. The intricacy; the skill; the way there’s not a hair out of place.

Trying to replicate them, however? Less fun. Especially when you notice every single great new must-try style seems to require hair that would make Rapunzel jealous. Eons of long waves of silk, thick and rich to the touch – it can’t be difficult to find the perfect style when your hair looks like that. But for those of us who suffer through the indignity of thin hair, well, it can just feel like you’re being taunted.

Thin hair is the child of many fathers. Sometimes, there is no ‘reason’ why your hair is thin outside of your personal genetics. Then there are lifestyle factors, such as an overuse of weaves in the past or even illnesses like Hashimoto’s – all of which can reduce tumbling tresses to little more than a faint echo of their former glory.

To fight back, there’s a few options from the small changes to the drastic overhaul. If you’re tired of your thin hair holding back your experiments with the latest trend, then you have a few options:

Forget Your Own Hair: Wigs, Extensions, and Everything In Between

If your hair isn’t cutting it, then sometimes, you’re fighting a losing battle. Rather than continue to despair over your lack of locks, claim a boost by adding what nature has been lacking.

There are a variety of options to consider. Extensions can give length and volume where your hair is refusing to play ball, though they require an expensive salon visit. If you fancy going it alone, then sometimes the best option is a wig. You can source these yourself, so long as you know what to look for.

Synthetic hair is a cheaper option, but you can’t treat it like natural hair – so no curling, straightening etc. Human hair makes for more natural movement. You can find options online, from the cheap ‘n’ cheerful wares on auction sites to the really high quality range at Celeb Wigs and beyond. While they may not be an option for everyday use, they can help give you some extra confidence for a big event.

Supplementing Your Hair: Can You Make It Thicker?

For everyday hair problems, you might be tempted to consider supplements and hair growth formulas to try and give you the locks you covet.

As with any beauty problem, there’s many options for solutions – and some of them might work. Many of them won’t. So try and stick with the scientific method. The best option would be to supplement biotin. Biotin is one of the B vitamins (B7 if we’re being specific) and promotes healthy hair and nail growth.

The other most commonly mentioned idea for hair growth and thickness is castor oil. There’s no scientific evidence to this, but plenty of women credit castor oil for improving their hair condition. It’s relatively inexpensive to try, so falls into the “can’t do any harm” category. If you want to give it a whirl, try and source Jamaican black castor oil rather than cheaper, generic versions.

Style Your Way To Thickness

Finally, you have the immediate improvement category: the way you style your hair can make a difference to how thick it looks.

There are many products that promise to boost volume and thicken hair, but few have much research behind them. If you can afford them, then it’s worth trying the shampoos and conditioners that promise so much – you never know, they might just work for you.

If you want an immediate fix, then a sea salt spray is the best way to add thickness and texture. While you can buy sea salt sprays from the recognizable brands, it’s easy enough to make one for yourself. All you need is boiling-hot water and sea salt (even generic table salt will have an impact). Add the salt to the water and keep doing so until the added salt no longer dissolves.

To use:

  • Separate dry hair into three sections: bottom, middle, and top.
  • Spritz the spray onto the roots of each section, working from bottom to top.
  • Give your whole head a blast with a high quality hairdryer for around a minute, upside down if possible.
  • Brush through.

It might not give you long, tumbling hair, but it should provide a little more oomph than usual!

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