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Is Your Makeup Making You Look Older Than Your Years?

Makeup is one of those subjects that is ever-evolving. It never stands still, as brands rise to prominence, trends take hold and then loosen their grip, and then the whole cycle begins again.

How many of us truly take the time to experience the change of trends, though? Or are you like the vast majority of the world’s women – you’ve found a style that you believe suits you, and you’re going to stick to it come hell or high water. You buy the same products, encouraged in your lack of change by deeming them “Holy Grail” staples.

The problem is… what you think might suit you actually… doesn’t. It’s tough to hear! But things change, and what worked for you right out of school might not be the same look and products that you should be going for today.

If you have ever caught sight of your made-up face in the mirror, frozen in horror at the emphasized fine lines and subsequently found yourself frantically searching for a plastic surgery clinic number to try and minimize some of the damage – there’s good news. It might not be you; it might be the makeup. Beneath the outdated techniques and the products you’ve matured out of, your face is just waiting for a whole new breath of fresh air.

The biggest, most aging sins are detailed below – but let’s face it, we’ve all got extras. Taking the time to look through your routine and see if there’s anything in need of an update could be the best thing you have done in years.

Dried Mascara = Clumps

You may have heard that you’re only supposed to keep a mascara for three months before disposing of it. Okay, hands up: who has ever thrown away a tube of mascara (still containing product) after three months?

Ah, right: precisely no one.

Mascara is expensive and it’s fair to say many of us would rather risk a nasty case of conjunctivitis than throw it after three months use. While this is fine (it’s only a risk, not a certainty) to an extent, it does have one drawback: drying out. Clumpy lashes can actually weigh your eyelids down, making your eyes appear far droopier – and thus much older – than they should.

Too Much Foundation = Your Face Cake

The term ‘caked on’ is such a vivid description, isn’t it?

The main cause of foundation/concealer/powder having a ‘cakey’ texture is using too much product. As each individual layer doesn’t have the chance to settle, it begins to gather in fine lines and make them look roughly 1,000% worse than they actually are.

Whether you use a brush, a sponge, or just your fingers, the amount of product you apply should be barely there. You can build layers for fuller coverage if needs be. Also try applying in a dabbing motion rather than streaks; this helps push makeup into the skin rather than sitting on top of it.

Too Light Lips = Washed Out

If you’re not a fan of big, bold lipstick, then light and neutral nude shades might seem like a sensible solution. However, the lighter the shade, the more the chance it’s going to make you look rinsed out and age you.

This is far worse with glossy finishes than matte, so if you can’t part with the color, at least switch your finish. And maybe try a bolder color every once in awhile – you might like it!


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