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Tips For A Flawless Face

Do you look at the covers of those glossy magazines with their fresh-faced cover models with nothing but envy? Do you want to have a beautiful flawless face that will turn heads? Take a look at these simple tips for a flawless face that are easy to implement and which bring great results:



When it comes to a perfectly flawless face, moisturizer is your most important friend. A good moisturizer will plump up and smooth out your skin while helping to keep it wrinkle free for longer, but what exactly qualifies as a good moisturizer? The best moisturizers are oil-free, light and have SPF protection against UV rays, find one that fits the bill, and you’re well on your way to a flawless face.





Of course, you can’t just moisturize and expect everything to fall into place. It is also important that you cleanse your face and, most importantly, exfoliate it to remove dirt and dead skin. Do this daily and always before you moisturize for great results and a fresher face.


Eat Nutritious Foods


Have you ever noticed how you break out in blemishes after going on a sugar binge or eating too much greasy food? It’s not a coincidence. Foods that are bad for your health are also bad for the skin. Avoid them and choose a diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and you’ll notice your skin getting clearer in no time.


Banish Blemishes


If you have pimples or red spots, mixing a small amount of turmeric with lemon juice and honey and applying it to the affected area can sort the problem out fairly quickly. If you’re dealing with dark spots, however, you might find that a good skin whitening serum will be more effective. Of course, in a pinch you can always use a good concealer, which is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, to hide the problem and ensure you look flawless.


Fight Fine Lines


The most important thing you can do to fight fine lines is to apply a high SPF sunscreen every day. But, if you want to give your skin a boost, using something like a retinol lotion to a glycolic acid peel will really tackle the problem.


Look After the Lips


No matter how radiant your skin looks, if you’re lips are flaky, scabby and sorry you’re not going to achieve that all important flawless look. Luckily, taking care of your lips is easy. Apply a daily dose of lip balm, preferably with a high SPF factor, before you go out and exfoliate with a mixture of brown sugar and olive oil nightly. If you’re prone to cold sores, taking a daily lysine supplement will help to prevent further outbreaks.


Tackle Excess Hair


Hair, whether on your upper lip, chin or brow line can ruin your perfectly groomed look. Invest in a good laser hair removal device and use it regularly to get rid of facial hair and have your eyebrows regularly threaded, so that there are no strays and you’ll achieve the flawless cover-girl face you’ve always dreamt of.


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