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Empowering Women: Beautiful Inside and Outside + Contest


This month we are celebrating Women’s History and I want to talk a little about this topic because, given the circumstances we are in right now, we need some encouragement.

A lot say that “beauty is skin deep” or “beauty is within” and I definitely agree with that saying. Back in my high school days, I looked up to this girl who was really pretty. She’s got all the boys lurking around her and girls wanted to be her. She’s got everything and literally everyone on the palm of her hands but one thing she lacks? Nice attitude. Maybe you’re reading this right now and you’ll be like, So?

That’s exactly what I want to point out.

We are so caught up with channeling our inner Kylie Jenner and we forget what’s really inside. The REAL us. I admit, that I am a beauty blogger as well and that I talk a lot about beauty and fashion products. I talk about how “this product will make your eyes pop” or “this top looks great” or “this is how you contour” but at the end of the day, it’s what’s on the inside that makes us beautiful. I don’t want to be hypocrite and say that make up or fashion doesn’t make me look good – because it does. But a lot of us out there seem to stick to this idea that if they don’t wear make up or wear cute tops, that they would look like somebody that doesn’t have a life.

On this day and era, we are surrounded with these beauty gurus that we idolize. Personally, I have a ton of them that I follow on YouTube. They portray a perfect life on Instagram and on Snapchat but at the end of the day they are just normal people. They are just like you and me. It’s totally fine to copy them and be like them but in ways that wouldn’t change you for who you are.

Empowerment is from within and not from what you wear or how you look. Let your inner self shine through and be yourself.

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Good Luck and remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT 😘



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